Do you live in a rural location and suffer from poor Broadband? Please get in touch and we'll try to help.

Whether it's a fault on your phone line or just sheer distance; there's a variety of solutions on offer. Did you know that where it's available, 4G is a viable alternative to having a fixed line service. We also provide and install 4G routers that don't require a phone line, just a SIM card that's 4G enabled. Get in touch today.

Top Tips:

If you suffer from slow or intermittent broadband there are a few things you can try yourself:

1 - Is your broadband router plugged into the Master Socket? This is important as you need quality grade wiring for reliable Broadband. Up to the Master socket is the responsibility of your Service Provider and therefore you can expect that the quality to this point will be sufficient for a reliable service in most situations. If you feel you would benefit from upgrading your internal wiring then please get in touch for a free, no obligation quotation.

2 - Disconnect any unused extensions and unplug unused devices. Poor quality, or faulty extension wiring will cause significant loss to your circuit so should be avoided wherever possible. Also if not needed anymore then it's a fault waiting to happen! The same applies to unused phones, faxes, bells, or any devices plugged into your circuit - If you don't use it, unplug it! You'd be surprised how often we've found that by simply disconnecting wiring and devices you double the Broadband sync speed!!

3 - Position your Wifi router as close to the centre of your home as you can. A little more tricky as this requires a phone or data extension being hard wired to the ideal point which is not usually where Openreach complete the installation. If your problems are down to poor Wifi then this is more prominent. Don't have sockets in the right place? We can help