Guest Networks.

A guest Wi-Fi network is essentially a separate network away from primary network of devices. Whether it be at home or at work. All your devices are connected to one point on your router and joined as a network, and the guest network is a different point that provides access to the Internet, but not to your home network. As the name suggests, it is for guests to use, Eliminating any threat to your network.

An important factor to note when you enable guest mode, or when you connect to a network configured for guest mode. Most likely the separate guest network is an open Wi-Fi network. Meaning it is not protected like the standard Wi-Fi encryption that secures your main network.

Why have a guest network?

The main reason for a guest network is to keep your network safe and private including everything you use on your network too. It is a common occurrence whether at home or work if a visitor asks to connect to your Wi-Fi, you hand over your password with no questions. This is like giving them the keys to your new tesla. When connected to your network Wi-Fi all the devices (if not properly secured) on the Wi-Fi can be viewed, hacked, or infected. Think about everything that you store on your smart phone or computer? Banking details, customer contacts, access to all your social media, personal information just to name a few are all put in danger.

Benefits to a guest network

We have covered the security side of things. Another huge benefit is the fact you can control the speed/bandwidth that is available on the guest network. This is especially important when you are offering Wi-Fi to guests for instance in a hotel or holiday park, you need enough bandwidth to go round to all guests not just the nearest to the access points. By controlling/limiting the amount each guest receives you can ensure there is enough bandwidth to go around with the correct leased lines in place, while you enjoy your unrestricted network performance and speed.

There is a convenience factor to a guest network as well, where a standard network generally has a strong password (25 characters approx.) you can make the guest password a lot more user friendly like 8 characters. Or a large guest network for a holiday facility can be managed by Moore Broadband Solutions.

When dealing with a large guest network you can create a voucher code network system. Each guest is issued with their very own password to the network. This creates a digital footprint; preventing the site/hotel owner for being liable for any illegal activity whilst connected on their Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi vouchers are a good way of controlling guests Wi-Fi, vouchers can be created for new guests and old ones deleted. They can be set up to only allow a certain number of devices to be connected per customer.

At Moore broadband solutions we are very experienced in guest networks if you would like to hear more about guest networks please feel free to get in contact with us.

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