Moore Broadband Solutions Structured Cabling Install Cabinet

Mother Ivey Case Study.

We do the lot!

We designed the project using our Ekahau software and created a plan.

Moore Broadband Solutions Ekahau software
Ekahau software

From this plan we dug all the trenches and supplied the duct system to each caravan.

Using the duct system, we installed a combination of multi-mode and single-mode fibre to each of the 9 cabinets we strategy positioned around the park.

From each cabinet we ran copper Cat6 cables to underneath each caravan again all through duct giving the cables the correct protection they require.

Moore Broadband Solutions Structured Cabling Install Cabinet

Inside each caravan we installed an access point. Providing high speed internet to each caravan no matter the weather. Using a patch leads and junction boxes connected the access point to the cable.

We installed 7 telegraph poles with state-of-the-art equipment to supply the Wi-Fi for the campervan and mobile caravan plots.

We manage the system and deal with any customer issues. We maintain the site online to sort issues that occur without the customer even knowing about them and pay monthly visits to site to ensure all the tech is performing how it should be and to also ensure the customer remains happy with our high level of service we provide.

Moore Broadband Solutions Maintain behind the scenes

The install is done in such a way that it can be easily added to if required, at the site in question they plan to add an additional 50 units next season, where we will come back and add them onto the exciting network.

If you would like to know more about installing fibre at caravan parks, please contact us for more information and request a brochure.

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