Moore Broadband Solutions Tidying Data Cabinets

Tidying Data Cabinets.

We received a request to sort out a customer’s data cabinet. There are a variety of options to think about when attempting this type of work. Patch lead length, colour coding, room for expansion just to name a few.

Why get your data cabinet(s) tidied?

  • Maximise the performance of your network.
  • To prevent additional time wasted when making changes to your network.
  • When down time occurs, it is dramatically lowered. The issue will be solved faster.
  • Resolve a health and safety risk.
  • Minimise the loss of productivity – in today’s connected world, no Internet access means no work is getting done.

Colour coding patch leads

Installation of colour-coded patch cables are ideal to help you manage your network in the long run without any complications.

They help:

  • Reduced time to trace and troubleshoot faults.
  • More accurate and easier to install minimising installation length.
  • Improved routing of cabling as generally the same colour cables are installed and located together in the cabinet.
  • Improved identification of cabling for any future changes/upgrades.
  • Improved assurance that critical cables will not be inadvertently removed.
  • Improved accuracy and reduced time to carry out audits of the section.
  • The appearance of the cabinet is improved.
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